Woman Forges Check, Cashes It

Her employer noticed after she deposited it at the bank.

A Niles business owner told police that his secretary, who normally handled checks and payments, had written a check that he did not authorize and then deposited it at the bank. He learned about it when going through his bank statements and reported it Feb. 14. He requested a followup and said he would sign complaints.

Man turns in Colt revolver, other gun equipment

A Niles resident called police to say that while cleaning the home of his uncle, who recently died, he found guns and ammunition in a cabinet drawer. He turned them in to police Feb. 23. The items, which are badly rusted, include: a Colt revolver, a Rutger handgun, two boxes of .22 caliber ammunition, one box of .32 caliber ammunition and one box of .38 caliber ammunition. 


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