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DiMaria Announces Run For Morton Grove Mayor

He will challenge Dan Staackmann for the Action Party's nomination in the Feb. 26 primary election.


Long-time Action Party Trustee Dan DiMaria announced today that he will run for Mayor of Morton Grove in the February 26, 2013 primary election.

“I’ve always been an Action Party member and supporter – I’m still that,” DiMaria says. “But I’ve had letters, emails, and even people knocking on my door urging me to run for mayor. So, after much consideration, I’ve decided to throw my hat in the ring.”

DiMaria sought the party’s nomination in their traditional slating process but was edged out by the incumbent mayor, Daniel Staackmann. So in an unprecedented move, DiMaria decided to take his candidacy directly to the voters in Morton Grove.

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“I think that the decision of who the best person is for mayor belongs to the voters,” DiMaria said. “Morton Grove needs a dynamic leader in our continuing tough economic environment; we need a team leader who will listen to residents, someone who can work with others and also be a promoter for the village. I truly feel I’m the best person for the job.”

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DiMaria decided to run in the primary for the Action Party’s nomination rather than in a general election because he’s always worked within the party’s framework; while he’s the youngest trustee on the village board, he has the longest tenure in village government, serving first on the appearance commission, then as village clerk and currently as trustee.

“I love this village,” DiMaria said. “My wife was born here and we’re raising our five children here. Those are five very good reasons to work hard and make Morton Grove the best place it can be.”

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“I am prepared for a positive and spirited campaign. On February 26, the voters of Morton Grove will have a clear choice between the current mayor and a mayor who will be outgoing, a team leader and someone who will get businesses excited about being in Morton Grove.”

Anyone with questions or ideas can either call DiMaria at (847) 966-5150 or email his campaign at friendsofdandimaria@gmail.com

Old Time Grover November 17, 2012 at 02:26 PM
Not sure if everyone has read the piece by Mr. Horn in today's Champion. He said 100% of the pensions are being paid and revenues are improving. Knowing tax dollars where deferred for other things sounds like insider information to me. As for the Dominick's mall I remember reading about a big meeting with lots of local people and the owners of the place talking about their plans to rebuild over there. Maybe they have a big store coming in unless you know something the public does not? One more question, aren't there six or seven people up there I see on cable voting for budgets not just Staackmann? Maybe just more of those bony little fingers pointing to complain and avoiding their boy from answering tough questions. Like what mg879 wrote which has some information about what's happened over the last few years instead of the vote for my guy postings. Just what has Mr. Dimaria done to deserve being mayor and if all is so bad with those holding office, why is he still running with the Action Party? If they did not choose him, maybe there's a reason?
Roger Jones November 18, 2012 at 02:01 AM
HEY old time grover. You sure know enough about what's going on in the village by your postings that I can't believe you didn't know the difference between raising the levy versus raising taxes. In fact I believe any well informed resident knows the differnce. I'm of the complete belief that you're entrenched in the Staackmann party. It sounds like raising the levy by 20% really bugs you. I don't know why it bugs you, but your bigg buddy has been living off that increase and balancing his budgets with it for the last four years. Of course it was raised by the previous administration. You know since you have your big buddy Staackmanns ear why don't you ask him to give back the 20% increase. We coud all use a boost in our check books!
sherwin dubren November 18, 2012 at 07:34 AM
Although I think DiMaria is a personable guy, he is not the caliber needed for mayor. He is also not that much different than Mayor Staackman in his views, so he doesn't get my vote. There is also an incident of fraudulent petitions he submitted years back, which cannot be overlooked. The bottom line is that he is still an Action Party guy, so we would see the continuation of the one party rule. We need a mayoral candidate with fresh ideas and someone who will communicate with the residents before jumping into unwanted entanglements.
Old Time Grover November 18, 2012 at 02:23 PM
HEY RJ. You sure know how to avoid answering questions about your boy's record by changing the subject. I don't really care what you believe, but how about answering questions instead of avoiding them. Here's a question, how much more would your boy have raised our taxes (oh sorry, LEVY) and got us nothing for the village? At least we've seen streets repaved and things getting done like Dempster and Lincoln improvements. Even us average joe's not clued into supporting candidates with insider information understand that things cost more over time. We all need to get the most for our money which did not happen when Dimaria voted for a budget supporting an administration that did little to improve the town. One more thing, what's all this that Sherwin Dubren wrote about in his posting? "There is also an incident of fraudulent petitions he submitted years back, which cannot be overlooked." Looking forward to hearing more about that one!
sherwin dubren November 19, 2012 at 01:07 AM
To answer the question of DiMaria's problem with petitions, this was a few elections ago when he was running to be the Republican Representative for Niles Township. Despite DiMaria's experience as village clerk and knowing the rules for collecting petition signatures, he violated the rules by collecting signatures on forms that other people had signed up as the responsible collectors. The judge hearing this case was not impressed when DiMaria appeared to poo poo this action and he removed DiMaria from the ballot. This is not an action I would expect from a mayoral candidate. This does not mean that I am supporting Dan Staackman in any primary for the Action Party candidate. He has his own faults, although he is smart enough not to break any rules. The basic problem in Morton Grove is that there is no viable opposition party to oppose the one party rule of the Action Party. With the current line up of candidates, we will probably see business as usual after the election. I tried running for trustee a few elections back, but only got about 17 per cent of the vote. Residents of Morton Grove are just not involved enough to try and make a difference.


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