DiMaria Would Listen to Constituents

A Letter to the Editor by Larry Strybel.


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My name is Larry Strybel. My wife Lorraine and I have lived in Morton Grove over 40 years. Both of us are active in our community and St. Martha Church. We also both have businesses in Morton Grove.

My wife and I are members on the Action Party screening committee and have always supported the party's choice of candidates. However, this year we find ourselves concerned with their present choice for Mayor/Village President.

After interviewing the mayoral candidates and hearing much feedback from neighbors and friends in our area -we began to consider another choice. We have both known Dan DiMaria over 25 years and watched him find success with a beautiful family, as a business man who has been active in our community and also very involved with the Action Party, a party he has been totally loyal to.

Previously as Village Clerk and now as a sitting Trustee, Dan DiMaria listens to his constituents and values each of their comments, often relating many of their good ideas and suggesting how some of them can be implemented in different areas of our village. In these economic times we must be proactive to find and develop new businesses that will help supplement our tax base. As a dedicated business man he knows what needs to be done and has the spirit, desire and energy to do so.

The spirit of Morton Grove has been broken - we see our neighbors shop, eat and seek entertainment elsewhere because Morton Grove doesn’t have the venues and businesses to keep them here. We need someone with new energy, a vibrant spirit and above all, a team leader who works with all factions of our village and who knows the needs and hopes from all corners of Morton Grove.

We are privileged to call Dan DiMaria a friend, neighbor, loyal member of the Action Party and our choice for Mayor/Village President of Morton Grove.
Please visit your polling place and vote for him on February 26, 2013 or consider early voting at the Niles CivicCenter from February 11th to the 23rd. If you need a ride to either polling place, please call 847-966-5150.

Larry Strybel

Old Time Grover February 10, 2013 at 02:22 PM
Just what is this supposed mediocrity that Dan E is talking about? Balanced budget, national awards about benefits of living here, repaved streets, new places like Las Fuentes and Culvers, bigger Produce World, better senior services, superior snow removal? I'm confused why anyone would take pleasure in voting out someone who has delivered all this to the village so can Dan E explain that to an old guy like me? Can he give us details of whan anyone else will do differently?
Lah Deedah February 11, 2013 at 03:45 AM
Mr Sherwin, How can you vote for a person who does not answer your questions about this village? The current mayor has not raised taxes. Dimaria will be unpredictable and looks not trustworthy. He's a salesman and will tell you everything you want to hear. He's all talk and no action- it's been his style for his entire tenure on the boards in the village. Why suddenly expect more?
Ellie Davis February 13, 2013 at 01:18 PM
DiMaria sent letters to members of St. Martha Church, supposedly using a parish directory. The envelope said "A special message to our fellow St. Martha Parishioners". He did not send one to the pastor, who said DiMaria could not use a parish list for his mailings. Has DiMaria heard of separation of church and state? Ellie Davis
Lizzy T February 13, 2013 at 11:00 PM
That is just terrible! How can anyone running for public office stoop to using such chicanery to garner some votes. If he disobeyed his own pastor then he should go to confession as I imagine there are sins to be atoned for here. All those at Saint Martha's should let their feelings be known about this dirty trick from a man I hope Morton Grove has the common sense to send packing.
Lah Deedah February 14, 2013 at 01:34 AM
I do not think he goes to church. I never see him. Why go against the pastor when told not to use this list? I also learn Dimaria had to go to court because he filled out voter forms wrong. He does what he wants to do and pays no attention to others or the rules. Now he wants to look like church is favoring him. No way. He would be bad example for our children, students and family of Morton Grove. No Dimaria for this town please.


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