Fitness Center Gets High Intensity Training

Morton Grove Park District's Club Fitness adds equipment that can be used by athletes and police/firefighters in training, as well as people rehabbing from knee surgery.

On first glance, the new equipment at the Morton Grove Park District Club Fitness room looks static.

Seeing it in use, though, dispels that notion.

The new H.I.T., or High Intensity Training, room has hurdles, ropes, a lay-on-the-floor ladder, a punching bag, kettlebells and other equipment designed to build agility, strengthen muscles and challenge users to expend quick bursts of energy.

"It works your entire body, core and muscle tone," said Jennifer Kim, manager of Club Fitness and the H.I.T. zone.

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The room was converted from a racquetball court, said Sue Braubach, the park district's marketing director, and can benefit athletes who want better conditioning, candidates for police and firefighter jobs looking to train for the physical test, and people recovering from knee or hip surgery.

Kim demonstrated fancy footwork on the agility ladder, saying, "It's good for people after knee surgery, people working on their range of motion, or to retrain your muscles."

Marc Cayemitte, a fitness attendant, demonstrated a weight machine by placing two 25-pound weights on the bar. Because the bar itself weighs 45 pounds, he was pressing 95 pounds.

Club Fitness held an open house Saturday to introduce the new room and its equipment. 


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