Guv Signs Bill, Przybylo Can Run For Mayor

Gov. Quinn signed a bill that would permit liquor license holders such as Niles Trustee Andrew Przybylo to run for mayor.


Until now, Illinois law did not permit Niles Trustee Andrew Przybylo to run for mayor, because, as co-owner of White Eagle Banquets in Niles, he is a liquor license holder.

On Friday, however, Gov. Patrick Quinn signed a bill that would permit liquor license holders to run for mayoral office.

The new law (full text here) says that a mayor who is also a liquor license holder must direct the town's board of trustees to appoint a liquor commissioner, and that the mayor must have no influence or input into that decision. The law also requires the commissioner to be an attorney who does not represent any alcohol interests in his practice. 

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"The question now is, do I want to run as mayor. I haven't answered that yet. I have two issues outstanding," Przybylo said.

Even if Przybylo does decide to run in the spring 2013 election, an effort by a group of Niles citizens to may prevent him from running.

Over the summer, the citizens gathered 1,018 signatures of Niles voters on a petition asking that a referendum requiring term limits for Niles elected officials be placed on the ballot. 

The , but the to get it on the ballot. 

The referendum would ask voters if they want to limit the terms of Niles elected officials (including mayor and trustees) to a total of 16 years. Since Przybylo has already served more than that (since 1989), he would be prevented from running if the initiative were to make it onto the ballot and pass.

Only one person, Niles Trustee Joe LoVerde, has for mayor in 2013. LoVerde has served on the board for five years, so if the village enacted term limits, he would not be disqualified.

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CK August 30, 2012 at 06:22 PM
I come back after a two week vacation and have to read about a career politician and HIS career. What ideas did he bring to his elected position in the twnety years I am told he was on the board? WHen did he oppose expenditures by the convicted Blaze? There has to be a change in the law just to make one guy take over as mayor when he isn't even known for anything except pushing for Blaze and electing democrats who want gambling. Such a career. Such a future. No wonder the fed are looking into Niles. I hope they all are booted out of office.
Jac Charlier August 31, 2012 at 07:33 PM
What is interesting is how this piece of legislation that opened the door for Trustee Przybylo to run for mayor came about. Why would two (possibly three?) local State Representatives submit a piece of "boutique" legislation that seems to be geared for one person to continue their political career? This must be reasonably answered and understood. Otherwise, it looks like "we the people" has become "me, you and a few others...the people".
CK September 01, 2012 at 03:06 PM
It is also interesting how Przybzylo has so much time etc. He must be a dynamo better than the Energizer Bunny. He and his wife I read in Patch have big jobs and salaries with the county and own the biggest restaurant in Niles. Everybody talks how he slouches in his chair at the villlage meetings- maybe he so tired. Now special law so he can spend more time running Niles like his boss and hero Nick Blase did. Were suppose to have nonparisan elections but Blase and him were Democratic committeemen and the park district guy ran for trustee as a Democrat. Nonpartisan?


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