Hanusiak Will Run For Niles Mayor

The election is heating up, with two mayoral candidates and four trustee candidates. Four candidates formed a new political party; Louella Preston, James Hynes and Mary Marusek will run for trustee for the April 2013 election.


The Niles village election won't take place until April 2013, but the campaigning has already begun, with four individuals declaring their candidacies Monday.

Krzysztof "Chris" Hanusiak, a village trustee, will run for mayor, and current trustees Louella Preston and James Hynes will run for trustee. In addition, Mary Marusek, who has served on the Niles Park District board and who ran for trustee in 2011 but was not elected, will run for trustee.

Saying they want to bring Niles residents more actively into the decision-making process, the four created a political party called the Responsible Leadership for Niles party and are running as a slate. 

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Two weeks ago, former George Alpogianis said he and current trustee Andrew Przybylo said they are running as a slate and interviewing candidates to fill out the two other positions. Alpogianis said Przybylo is running as mayor, though Przybylo said he has not officially declared his candidacy yet. 

Trustee Joe Loverde declared his candidacy in June, but has said more recently he has put it on hold for health reasons. 

Trustee Rosemary Palicki, who won election in 2011 and is serving a term that runs through 2015, said, "I think it's wonderful voters will have a choice.

"I ran with Mary (Marusek) last time (in 2011), and I'm delighted she has thrown her hat into the ring. 

"I think there will be some real differences between the two parties and residents will be able to learn about them and make a choice. I'm not saying one is better than the other, but people are going to have real choices."

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The statement released Monday by the Responsible Leadership party reads: 

Pictured above are the candidates for the RESPONSIBLE LEADERSHIP FOR NILES PARTY. The election is being held on Tuesday April 9, 2013 for the Office of Mayor and for three Trustee positions. Standing from left to right are current Trustees Louella Blaine Preston and Jim Hynes who are candidates for reelection as Trustees; current Trustee Krzysztof “Chris” Hanusiak who is candidate for the Office of Mayor, and Trustee candidate Mary Marusek, former Niles Park District Commissioner.

These candidates have come together with conviction and certitude to bring all Niles citizens into the decision making process. There are no hidden agendas, only a desire to increase the participation of Niles residents in the governance of their community. The Responsible Leadership For Niles party seeks residents of all ages, education and income levels to actively participate in their government because “If you are being taxed your voice must be heard.” The Responsible Leadership for Niles party promotes active resident participation which yields a more responsive and transparent government.

Matthew Lagodzinski November 27, 2012 at 03:13 AM
I've had the pleasure of working with Trustee Hynes on the Board of Ethics for the past year and a half. Jim has displayed strong leadership, integrity, courage and has the Village's best interests at heart. Good luck, Jim!
John November 27, 2012 at 12:10 PM
I see nothing wrong with getting rid of the Blase holdovers!
John P. November 27, 2012 at 02:34 PM
We need new people with fresh ideas to be leading our village.
Bob G November 27, 2012 at 02:41 PM
Rather than focus on the "old days" , hopefully we can see a list of the real issues facing the village. Fire, Police and Public works issues. Pension issues if there are any. Funding from the state going forward etc. We live in a bankrupt country , state and county with the most corrupt state and county in the nation. Lets focus on what we need not what was in the past. Unfortunately the most qualified person to run the village has health issues and has not declared. Fiscal responsibility should be a priority.
Jac Charlier November 30, 2012 at 04:53 AM
The more competition and choice the better. It is one sign of a healthy democracy to have many people step forward to run (just like when you have more people vote). If more people think they can do a better job, they too should run.


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