Is Przybylo On Path To Mayoral Run?

State reps are rolling away the only barrier that prevented him from seeking the mayoralty. But does he want it? He cites nostalgia for the way Blase ran Niles.


Niles trustee Andrew Przybylo says he's disillusioned by the way the village's government is going, but he hasn't decided whether to run for mayor. 

Przybylo told Patch he admired how smoothly the village board ran when former mayor Nicholas Blase, was in office.

He also acknowledged that for the past few months, state Reps. John D'Amico of Chicago and Lou Lang of Skokie, both Democrats, and GOP State Senator Michael McAuliffe have shepherded through the General Assembly a bill that would allow liquor license holders like Przybylo, whose family owns White Eagle Banquets, to also become mayors of municipalities, according to Bugle Newspapers. Mayors also serve as liquor commissioners, and currently, liquor license holders may not become mayors.

However, the bill has passed, and if Gov. Quinn signs it, it will become law. It would also pave Przybylo's path to run for mayor.


But would he actually run?

"I have no idea. I'm very unhappy with the way things are going. I don't like the argumentation between the board and the mayor," Przybylo said. "We should all be working toward the same goals."

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He said that when Blase was in office, "meetings didn't go on for five hours as currently. There was a certain level of confidence in the mayor, so when staff wrote up the agenda--if you needed an explanation, you'd call."

Referring to the fraud conviction, Przybylo said, "Aside from the fact he (Blase) did certain things wrong, his reputation today is still pretty good."

"Niles had a great reputation until he was sentenced. Now I think people are wondering about Niles."

Przybylo cited the fact Niles is at or below the median for appreciation in home values for suburbs in this area, which he said concerns him.

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Gags June 26, 2012 at 03:28 PM
And Andy was right there with him making it "smooth". I would never vote for this guy and I hope Niles people see thru him finally.
Real Citizen June 26, 2012 at 03:42 PM
The "Concerned Citizen" always seems to have a comment yet seldom seems to have all the facts. He/She nevr has a positive thing to say. So with all your whit, why not unveil yourself and since you have all the answers run for Mayor yourself.
sherwin dubren June 26, 2012 at 07:10 PM
Prysbylo is just another continuation of the Blase dynasty. It's machine politics at it's worst. I only saw Prysbylo in action once at a Niles Board Meeting where he gave an impashioned speech about a friend of his in Poland who went downhill after becoming addicted to gambling. He then turned around and voted for accepting the Off Track Betting Parlor in Niles giving Blase the victory he needed, as the vote was very close and Blase had to break the tie to accept the move. Prysbylo obviously puts party politics before his personal beliefs and common sense.


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