Lights, Camera...Niles on TV!

Video of village board meetings will be available on the village's website, starting at noon Friday.


If you want to keep up with events in the village of Niles but can't or don't want to attend meetings, you can now watch video of them.

Starting at noon today, Niles TV will make videos of village meetings available at www.vniles.com/NTV.

You can also access them at the village's home page, vniles.com, and clicking on the Niles TV icon.

This will be the first broadcast of a village board meeting, and Bill Shaw, the village's MIS director, said an audio problem occurred with the footage on Comcast. A music track from an unknown source was overlaid on the footage, but the MIS department worked with Comcast, and Shaw said the problem seems to be resolved. 

As meetings take place and are videotaped, the Niles TV section of the website will be updated with them in the “Recent Videos on Demand” section. 

"It’s as simple as clicking on the link once it is posted to the website," Shaw said.

Stu Chapman and Scott Cacioppo are the directors of Niles TV.

Shaw said the Village has not released the final cost of the video program yet.



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