Meet Your April 5 Candidates: Mark Pytlewicz For 4th Ward Alderman

Don't know who to vote for in the local elections? Patch questions the candidates so you can make an informed choice.

"All politics is local" and "The closer to home, the greater the impact on your pocketbook" are two truisms in politics.

The candidates in local elections affect how much you pay in taxes, and what you get for your money, more than candidates in Springfield and Washington, D.C. 

So who are these folks who will impact your life and money? Find out here.

Mark Pytlewicz, candidate for 4th Ward Alderman

1) How would you assess the state of the city’s budget?

 I would need further review to make a better statement.

2) If expenses need to be reduced, exactly what would you cut? Be specific. 

 View the way city vehicles are being used and also streamline paperwork to become more paperless and more green.

3) If more revenue needs to be raised, exactly what would you propose? Be specific.

Revenue does not need to be raised.  We need to streamline and live within our means.

4) What, if anything, does the city need to do to adequately fund police and fire pensions?

Keep up with payments that need to be made. Don’t fall behind.

5) Does the city need to start or intensify economic development efforts? What specific ideas do you have to foster economic development?

Yes, we need to strengthen the downtown area which just lost a major restaurant and find ways to entice more than just gamblers to the casino area.

6) If the state of Illinois succeeds in re-establishing the capital bill, would you support video gaming in this city?

Not at this time, we need to wait and see how well the casino does, before we entice people to take there gaming else where,

7) Briefly tell us what, in your background or education, has prepared you to make a contribution on this board. Can you offer an expertise that would be a resource to other board members?

Being a Des Plaines resident for 15 years, I feel I have a good background of what the community wants.  I am very active in my neighborhood and my childrens’ school. 

Also as a fireman, I serve the community on a daily basis giving me education and background for community service. 

8) How would you assess the public services the city offers residents, including police, fire, trash pickup, snow removal, responsiveness of village hall, etc.? What needs to be improved? Are residents getting adequate value for their tax dollar?

The public service has never been an issue in Des Plaines. You are talking about professionals, who will do their best to serve the public to the highest level that they can; however the one thing I would like to see is for the City of Des Plaines to purchase a new or used tower ladder. I feel that it is wrong for a city of this size to borrow a tower when ours needs to be serviced.

One other issue is that I’d like to see Mt. Prospect Park District and the Des Plaines Park District work together. An example of this is that there are parts of my ward that are considered non-residents in the Des Plaines Park District, even though we live in Des Plaines Park. If the library districts can work together why can’t they?

9) What else would you like voters to know about your positions on issues or point of view?

I feel that it is time for the residents to become more connected with the city. My ward, because of the way it is laid out, has parts of it that feel like we are not part of the city. We need to reconnect with them and have a voice within the city council.  I hope to bring that voice of the people. You will never hear me say what “I” did for the city. It will always be what we as a city and a community accomplished. To turn things around we have to work together as a community and not function as individuals.


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