Meet Your Niles Candidates: Chris Hanusiak

Vote in the April 9 election for local candidates, who have more power over the taxes you pay and services you get than D.C. pols. Krzystof "Chris" Hanusiak is running for mayor of Niles.


Get to know the Niles candidates running for mayor and village trustee in Patch.com's ongoing series. Today, we're running the candidate questionnaire of Krzystof "Chris" Hanusiak, who is running for mayor. 

Below the questionnaire, read previous published articles about Hanusiak.

Name: Krzysztof “Chris” Hanusiak

How long have you lived in Niles? 14 years

Family: Married with three children

Education: Attended Wright College and University of Illinois, Chicago

Occupation: Small Business Owner, Royal Kitchen and Bath Cabinets Niles, Il

Previous Elected or Appointed Offices:

  • Niles Plan Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals Member
  • Village of Niles Trustee

Other community involvement:

  • Member of Niles VFW Post 7712
  • Niles Chamber of Commerce
  • North American Martyrs Council 4338 of the Knights of Columbus
  • Polish Advisory Council of the State Comptroller’s Office 
  • President of the Friends of the Niles Library 
  • Assistant Cubmaster at St. Juliana’s Parish

Campaign E-mail address: campaign@niles2013.com

CampaignWebsite: www.niles2013.com

1. Why are you running for this office?

To continue my pledge to work to bring honesty, openness and integrity to Niles governance. We have experienced too many years where decisions have been made about programs and policies which come from the top down. The Responsible Leadership for Niles, both as a group and as individual members, wants all public meetings to have a period where citizens can speak. Our residents pay the bills so they should have a deliberate and specific chance to make their concerns and ideas known. I will work for the systemization of the processes by which businesses initiate or alter their tax relationship with the village, processes which ensure fairness and equanimity for every business.

2. What are the top issues facing the village of Niles right now, in your view?

Our village faces the same general issues which every other branch and level of government face: financing, infrastructure renewal, services for specific age groups, taxing policies, public transportation modes and beautification with “green” initiatives. None of these is really separate from the others as there is a lot of overlapping. It takes consistent and competent leadership on the village board to sort this out so a sensible and economical set of solutions can be found. We face serious problems regarding employee pension funding as well as union contract negotiation.

3. How should the village be addressing these issues?

By implementing the ideas of the residents and the professionals who have the experience in planning and development. Most of our Niles citizens realize that the village board and the mayor have the final decision to make on so many important matters. The board has to be in regular session with the elected officials being present to participate in the discussions and evaluations. But it is so important that the village always encourage our citizens to make comments in the open to those who have to make the decisions. Good leadership, like good management, is a group effort, not the implementation of some politician’s personal vanity and “rule.”

4. What ideas do you have to improve the village, whether in services, economic development, transportation, outreach to residents, communication, environment or other areas?

This answer is really like the preceding one- complete participation, professionalism, honesty and all done with consideration of sensible tax anticipations.

5. What accomplishments, in public or community service or your professional life, would you like voters to know about?

The public media has reported my community/public commitments in the past. I am grateful for having had the opportunity to join others in library planning and funding, business promotion in professional groups, in the goals of the Sister Cities movement and in the maintenance of the spirit and camaraderie in the Polish-American community. I have a simple and clear goal in all the things I do in public life and for community involvement- give it the best shot and encourage others to join in.

6. Niles has a reputation as a thriving business community and it won the Best Affordable Place to Raise Kids honor from Bloomberg/Business Week. What do you envision for its future?

It is interesting that Patch mentions “a thriving business community” in this question. My critics somehow think I am the sole cause of every problem in Niles! We have a solid business community because we have competent and capable leaders in those businesses. The award was won not just because of village government and services but also because of the valuable contributions of our churches, the schools, the library, the park district and the very businesses which indeed do thrive. It’s a community effort, not just a dominance by one group. 

7. Niles is divided between two townships, two high school districts and multiple elementary school districts. It does not have a downtown or a high school. In light of this fractionalization, what can be done to give Niles a sense of unity?

A sense of unity is something in our heads. Unity transcends artificial district lines. You mention all these different public school districts, but you might as well add all the parochial schools which are in Niles. All of these have performed their tasks quite well and have achieved merit and distinction for their students. Fractionalization? People have supported public and private schools and still have prospered, and that is certainly not “fractionalization.” As for a downtown, Niles doesn’t have one because of the way our town grew. The Niles Historical Society published a centennial history of the town and it is clear that Niles developed along a Milwaukee Avenue corridor within the town limits as founded. We didn’t have a train stop, or a barge loading river site, just Milwaukee Avenue. There was no impetus to have a downtown anymore than countless communities across Illinois. Chicago has a “Loop” for their downtown, but THAT hardly qualifies as a center of unity!

8. Anything else you would like to add?

Our future faces an obviously rough going and it will be successful only if there is responsible leadership practicing honesty, openness and integrity.

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Harry Gio March 21, 2013 at 12:26 PM
I'm voting for Gus Alpogianis !
John P. March 21, 2013 at 01:19 PM
I'm not !
Doug Bressler March 21, 2013 at 01:42 PM
Who is GUS? I thought his name was George?!?
Harry Gio March 21, 2013 at 08:07 PM
Regardless of what you guys think, I'm still voting for Gus...
Michael Klair March 22, 2013 at 12:35 AM
In reading all about the Leadership group all it is, is about the past. You keep bringing up the cars and bonuses, that was 20 years ago, and lets remind Louella that she was on the board at that time. When will you start telling us what you are going to do for us now. Speaking of the past, Mary Marusek's column today in a local newspaper, titled "Time for a Change" - she didn't mention that SHE is the one that had the name changed from St John Brebeuf Warriors to Jaguars. That change upset a lot of people and is one of the biggest voting precincts. You continue to talk about the Blase days, if NB ran today you and I both know he would win. Let’s stop the bashing and CK, KC, DB, and you too Harry, if you have all the answers why don’t you put a slate together and run.
We Love Niles March 22, 2013 at 08:22 AM
Chris, please couldn't you have given more detailed answers to questions number 3 and 4. Seems that you do not have any type of game plan. Come to think of it, most of your answers to any of the questions seemed seemed to be too generic for me. You and your slate pledge honesty and openness, not a bad choice for words when you don't have a clue. Too bad for you that the questions were not about the past, rather the questionnaire is about your answers to the present and future. Like a bad book - lots of characters, but not a lot of plot. When I read the answers from Andrew Przybylo in his questionnaire he was very open and direct in answering all of his questions. All of his slate did the same - positive and direct answers to all of the questions. Seems like Andrew and the Niles New Party 2013 have a commitment to make our Niles the best place that it can be now, and for the future as well.
Doug Bressler March 22, 2013 at 01:33 PM
I would like to remind you that Andrew Pryzbylo was also on the board at that time. What does changing a mascot have to do with being a village trustee? I did not realize that Mary had that much power that she could single handedly change the mascot. Weren't others involved? Also, how can we judge the candidates? By what they have done in the past! Unless you are a psychic, you cannot know what these people will do in the future. Pryzbylo wanted the plaza to still be named after a CONVICTED FELON. Why not change the name of Oak Park to Rod Blagojevich park? One more point, convicted felons cannot serve in an elected position in Illinois, so unless Andy can get his buddies in Springfield to change yet another law, your buddy Blase still would be inelligible. You also probably voted for the other convicted felon who ran in the last election even though everyone knew he could not serve. Do you know why Andy wants to create a position of "Vice Mayor"? So he doesn't have to show up at all the meetings. He has said that he is not going to attend all of the board meetings. We need a change in Niles, and the "New" party seems to be just like the "Old" party.
mmm March 22, 2013 at 03:21 PM
Seems Like ????? Don't forget, looks can be very deceiving... After 20+ years of being a trustee Mr. Przybylo has not done anything for the benefit of Niles, Always seems to missing in action for all the important votes and now he has an awakening ????? PLease......
Doug Bressler March 22, 2013 at 03:32 PM
Well said!
CK March 22, 2013 at 05:29 PM
Harry gets my vote...but NOT for political office.
We Love Niles March 24, 2013 at 06:27 AM
I think that I know who has been asleep for the last 20+ years if you have not followed anything that Przybylo has done - mmm? From your dream world, please let us know what Trustees Hanusiak and Preston have done for the benefit of Niles? So sorry that the alarm clock rang as to disrupt your beauty sleep.
CK March 24, 2013 at 04:13 PM
"Michael Hfuhruhurr" is a character in a comedy movie I saw (in my younger days) played by Steve Martin. The movie was called "The Man with Two Brains" which is certainly not the situation with this "Michael" who apparently has two names, and then has the nerve to comment in another article about DB for using initials for an identity. I know how many brains it took to pull that stunt but it certainly wasn't two. In the other article "Michael" says DB should get a spell check to prove that DB is literate. "Michael" apparently doesn't use anything since his comment above lacks proper punctuation and literate sentence structure. He even starts out that way with "In reading all about the Leadership group all it is, is about the past" (which would earn passing grade in kindergarten) and uses "lets" instead of "let's" and so forth. "...all it is, is"- a form of a Bill Clinton excuse.
CK March 24, 2013 at 04:43 PM
Another dysfunctional comment by "We Love Niles" (who is really "I Love Przybylo"). I read a book last month about the Blase era written by a reporter named Andrew Schneider. I learned much in that book and I hope all Niles voters would read it. Schneider quoted Saint Andrew the Courageous, dauntless and intrepid "leader" who wants the golden crown placed on his head by the voters. The quote, by Saint Andrew was that during the Blase years everything and everybody was in a rubberstamp situation (p. 171, and I hope his opponents read it). RUBBERSTAMP- that's the word Saint Andrew used. I asked older neighbors if they remember Saint Andrew saying that when Blase was mayor. Nope. And no memories of any gallant defend-the-public statement by Saint Andrew about Blase political domination. And what do we have from Saint Andrew today? Playing with a cell phone, slouching around in his chair (less than usual I am told because of the televised meetings) and leaving early. In the Niles Journal this last week I read where this sanctified county employee and big restaurant owner said he would spend time on village business on weekends. I guess nothing goes on in the village the other days. Maybe Monday through Friday Andrew is making novenas to Saint Joseph of Berrios, Saint John D'Amico, Saint Lou Lang, Saint Michael Madigan and others. A very busy schedule so of course he doesn't have time for us ordinary sinners. I know what I and thousands of others are praying for.
Doug Bressler March 24, 2013 at 05:38 PM
And Andrew will not be at every board meeting. That is what his new "Vice Mayor" position is for. Also, did we mention that if he becomes mayor, we will have to spend money to hire a liquor commissioner? This commissioner also has to be a lawyer. Anyone know a lawyer who will work for minimum wage? Anyone? Bueller?
We Love Niles March 25, 2013 at 04:38 AM
Blast Przybylo all that you want - DB and CK. I really do not care about your meaningless, wind bag answers. Please come up with something more uselful and meaningful instead of a string of words that are just diversional and delusional. However long winded that you may want to be, may I so kindy remind you that the question is still not answered. May I repeat my very simple question - What have Trustees Hanisuak and Preston done for the benefit of Niles? All that I ask is for a very simple answer.
Doug Bressler March 25, 2013 at 02:57 PM
Oh, so now you publish your real name after you have been called out!
Doug Bressler March 25, 2013 at 03:03 PM
Let's see. Trustee Hanusiak wrote the Niles Code of Ethics, along with other residents of the village, including myself. They have televised the meetings. Yeah, say what you want about the $100,000 start up cost, but when the village secretly gave people $100,000 and a car, this is pittance. Also, the budget has a surplus of money for 2013. They have consistently gone up against "Entitled" Pryzbylo and Callero when they tried to skirt the system. They did not throw a hissy fit and storm out of a meeting. If you truly loved Niles, you would do a little research and not spew out the garbage that is in Andy's fantasy.
We Love Niles March 26, 2013 at 04:57 AM
No new answers here - just the same old lines. Okay - let us turn the words around this time - now I am convinced Delusional and Diversional.
We Love Niles March 26, 2013 at 05:44 AM
DB - Thanks for your suggestion to do a little research. I did do a little research, maybe someone lost the library election in 2011 by lets say about 22 votes - give or take????
Doug Bressler March 26, 2013 at 01:36 PM
I meant research on your lovely slate, the New party. Wow, you found out who I am. And your point about the library election? I couldn't care less about losing. At least I ran? Have you run for any office? I serve on my children's school school board. I work two jobs. I barely have time for my family let alone myself. Do you think I am making things up because I lost to a candidate who is now running for trustee? The only delusion is in Andrew's head, in his little dream world where it is OK to run a village on weekends. He is going to appoint a vice mayor so he does not have to show up to all of the board meeting. He has said as much. If he is elected, he will be wasting money on hiring a liquor commissioner. This person would have to be a lawyer. Know any lawyers who will work for minimum wage? These are facts.


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