Morton Grove Hires Lobbyist To Get State Money

The village is trying to get grant money to fund a new police station and other needs, according to the Morton Grove Champion.

Dan Shomon. Photo: Www.danshomon.com
Dan Shomon. Photo: Www.danshomon.com

After Morton Grove Mayor Dan DiMaria pledged to try to get a larger share of state funding for Morton Grove projects, the village has hired a Springfield lobbyist, Dan Shomon, who worked for President Barack Obama until 2006, according to the Morton Grove Champion. 

Obama served as an Illinois State Senator until 2004, and a U.S. Senator from 2005 to 2008, when he ran for the presidency.

Shomon's biography on his website says his clients include Fortune 500 companies and associations as well as municipalities. 

"Clients have received more than $150 million in federal, state and local grant, loan and bond funding for their projects while he represented them," the site points out.

Morton Grove is asking Shomon to help with funding its new police station and $1 million in sewer lining every year, according to the Champion. 

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Pat Craig January 15, 2014 at 11:55 AM
The "more aggressive" looking for grant money sounds an awful lot like the same old political "pay to play". I wonder if those who voted for mayor DiMaria had the thought of spending tax dollars on political cronies of the President in mind. Don't we have a development director working for the village whose job it is to find that money? Sounds to me like the mayors' answer to problems is to throw our tax dollars around hoping something will get better.
John Stephen January 16, 2014 at 12:54 PM
Big difference between a "Grant Writer" and a "Lobbyist". A Grant Writer will do the work of filling out the necessary forms and submitting the documentation through proper channels, in hopes of being one of the selected few to partake in a certain program, after meeting all of the requirements of course. A Lobbyist cuts corners and uses questionable tactics and personal connections to get to the head of the line in front of those who are trying to do it the right way, in the end someone will still have to submit all of the paperwork. I doubt someone of Mr. Shomon's stature will be the one filling out the forms. Morton Grove staff for years missed out on hundreds of thousands of dollars (no, let's be honest, millions) in grant money because they were too lazy to fill out the paperwork themselves.


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