Morton Grove Trustee Announces Run For Mayor

Larry Gomberg announced his candidacy for mayor in the spring 2013 election.

Morton Grove Trustee has announced he will run for mayor of the village in the Spring 2013 election. He has left the village's Action Party and is running as an independent.

“We should be proud of our past accomplishments, but that doesn’t mean we should dwell in the past,” Gomberg said. “We need to spell out our future as a village, and to do that, the public needs to be able to work with public officials who aren’t afraid to think outside the box.”

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Gomberg said that if elected, he would work as a full-time mayor, but without a raise in salary. 

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“Government, business and the public must interact to create a feeling of inclusion, and that isn’t happening now because the current mayor is not leading the effort,” Gomberg said. “Progress and cooperation requires full time leadership with an eye on the future. It’s what the people of Morton Grove deserve, and what I pledge to provide if elected Mayor.”

Gomberg said he hopes to seek input from residents and business owners and take a bottom-up approach to governing the village.

sherwin dubren August 23, 2012 at 11:47 PM
I would welcome the replacement of Mayor Staackman as village mayor, but I think he would be much more effectual if he had the backing of newer trustees. Re-electing three of the existing Action Party Trustees or substitutes would not go far enough in changing the way things are done in Morton Grove.
Tony Kovacs August 24, 2012 at 04:19 AM
I hope whoever runs from the Action Party, Caucus Party (if they run someone), and Mr. Gomberg agree to appear at a mayor candidate forum together in a neutral locale. This is the best way to air views and discuss issues. Forums that feature only one party are less effective as charges can be made and not rebutted. Also promises can be made to fit the situation. That is not because candidates are "bad". it is the nature of politics. Of course, smaller forums are great too but a focused multi-candidate situation is vital. This same goes for the three trustee positions too. Last election, some candidates rejected this kind of thing and that I think that does not benefit the community. I wonder if others on Patch (not connected to the parties) agree? I would like all candidates to state their position on this challenge/opportunity!
sherwin dubren August 24, 2012 at 06:13 AM
Forget about a mayoral candidate forum. The Action Party has stalled and managed to kill such forums for the past two elections. The forum I participated in with the Reform Party was totally ineffective as the Action Party kept putting off the date until there wasn't even time for a Champion coverage of it before the election. The last thing these Action Party want is openess.
Mark V. Matz August 24, 2012 at 08:56 AM
Once again, Mr. Dubren seems to be all knowing as to why things happen in the village, what's in their thoughts and the dreams that rest in our hearts. I sure wish he had predicted the recession and knew how to get us out of it! But for the rest of us mere mortals, we work hard and try to do the right thing, giving back to the community when we can. As has been proven many times over the years when his statement are challenged; once again he is totally wrong! Please read the other article on Patch about the continuing policy of holding open screenings for new people, one that brought us our Village Clerk, Tony Kalogerakos: http://niles.patch.com/articles/action-party-is-seeking-candidates#comments_list Funny, don't remember his organization doing so, the one time he ran for office? Sometimes it's just better to sit back and throw rocks at others instead of pitching in and helping use those stones to build something positive for the community. So one more time, Sherwin - when you say the last thing the Action Party wants is openness...you are wrong, and what's worse - you know it!
sherwin dubren November 25, 2012 at 02:08 AM
Fuji, I appreciate your interest in Morton Grove, but what we need are people from our village to run in opposition to the one party rule we have now. I do wish you luck in Skokie, as they too have been dominated too long by one group of people. For Mr. Matz, I would tell him that I participated in the meetings geared to arranging for a political debate back in 2005. He was not attending those meetings, so he is only getting his inputs second hand. I heard all the excuses from the Action Party candidates for not holding the debate in a timely fashion. I also heard from the Caucus Party candidates that the Action Party did the same thing in subsequent elections. Alas, Caucus is no longer a player in the up coming election. The only viable opposition candidate we have is Larry Gomberg, so he is getting my support. I would like to see a mayoral candidate debate between Larry, DiMaria, and Staackman, but I'm afraid that will never happen, or they will stall until it becomes meaningless for voters to select one of them.


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