National Media Looks at 10th District

With the New York Times hopping on Dold’s bus tour and Washington pundits analyzing the race, North Shore residents will see a lot of Schneider and Dold.

If there was doubt of the national significance of the 10th Congressional District race in the Nov. 6 election, it vanished when the New York Times joined part of .

The Times article was one of two national publications which highlighted the contest between Dold and Democratic challenger Brad Schneider of Deerfield Monday. Roll Call, a newspaper covering Congress, joined the Times publishing stories Monday.

Earlier in the month, the Rothenberg Political Report, a newsletter considered an independent analyst of political races, featured the contest in a story.

Before that, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee reserved $3.1 million to buy television commercials in the Chicago area after Labor Day to be divided between three Chicagoland contests.

The New York Times story focused on the Dold-Schneider race in the 10th which it called the most Democratic seat held by a Republican. In the same story, it also reported on the campaign in Utah between Rep. Jim Matheson (D-UT) and his Republican challenger, Mia Love. Matheson’s constituency is the most Republican in the nation held by Democrat.

“Yet while Mr. Dold and Matheson are, mathematically, the most endangered incumbents in America, in neither case is that analysis quite true,” the Times writes. It goes on to give a picture of both races and all four candidates.

On the same day the Times wrote about Dold’s bus tour, Roll Call dubbed the 10th District a White Whale, a literary reference to the sea mammal Capt. Ahab could not find. The Democrats have been running hard for the seat most of the time since former Rep. John Porter (R-Wilmette) retired in 2000.

Like Roll Call, the Rothenberg Report explained why the race will be close with a great deal of national attention.

“If any of these five House incumbents survive (Dold is included), it will surprise most dispassionate observers (including some in their own parties),” Rothenberg writes. “But upsets happen, and each of these candidates has a scenario for victory.”

Rothenberg touts how both Schneider and Dold have a profile to fit the District.

llwvrt June 24, 2012 at 01:07 PM
Dold has done a lot for education but he supports the Ryan budget.
Ellen Beth Gill June 24, 2012 at 04:36 PM
I do not agree with the comment that "Dold has done a lot for education." What he's done a lot for is the for-profit career college companies. These are the "colleges" you see ads for on late night television that promise degrees in law enforcement or health care, but mostly deliver high tuition and non-accredited meaningless degrees and false promises of career placement that never materializes. The bills for which Dold have voted have sent your federal tax dollars to these companies (H Amdt 94) and they have prospered and taken more money from the students themselves. In addition to backing funding of these schools, Dold further backed repeal of regulations to standardize the credit hour, allowing for further fraud in this industry (HR 2117). None of this is about education. It's all about corporate welfare. Further, Dold's vote to extend the Stafford loan interest rate for not for the straight up bill to do so, but for his party's version replete with corporate giveaways and anti-union provisions, proving once again that Dold will participate in holding vital services and programs hostage to party politics and corporate giveaways.
Gary June 25, 2012 at 03:16 PM
Thanks for telling us that Dold has voted for competition in the education market. Good for him! Competition will lower prices, spur innovation, improve service, and challenge old orthodoxies. Good for us! Wow. It's good to hear one of our representatives doing something right. So you think those degrees from non-accredited colleges are meaningless? The most meaningless degree I can think of is an economics degree from Harvard. Our country is being destroyed by the Credentialed Class, who apparently think that their credentials, connections, and superior intellects can trump the laws of economics. We are all finding out the hard way that graduates from our most prestigious universities are the worst people to put in charge of our government. The Credentialed Class have tarnished their credentials through their own actions. Credentials are a poor substitute for knowledge, experience, common sense, and character.


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