Nekritz’s Leadership Benefits Local Residents

When legislator joined leadership team the biggest beneficiaries were her constituents.

When became an unofficial part of the majority leadership in the General Assembly in January, her constituents became the winners. 

“When you’re in the room you have a louder voice,” Nekritz told a group of more than 60 supporters as she kicked off her reelection campaign Thursday at a Glenview restaurant. “I spend an extra day a week [in Springfield] and I represent all of you a little more directly.” 

When the current term of the legislature began, Nekritz became one of six representatives to regularly meet with Speaker Michael Madigan (D-Chicago) to review pending legislation and help make decisions on what bills to move forward. 

“We’re involved in all policy decisions in a meaningful way,” Nekritz said. “It gives me a much bigger say and a deeper understanding of what we’re doing.” 

Tenth Congressional District Democratic Committeewoman of Highland Park, who served in the General Assembly for eight years, knows how important Nekritz’s position of leadership is to the people she represents. 

“Anytime I’ve worked with Elaine I’ve been very impressed with her,” Gash said. “It’s good for our area that Elaine (Nekritz) is part of a group that can make a difference.” 

Nekritz helped demonstrate her leadership when the legislature realized a tax increase was necessary to Tough she made the difficult decision to raise revenue levels; she made sure spending cuts were part of the package. 

“I negotiated a spending cap with the tax increase,” Nekritz said. 

Nekritz will be opposed by Republican of Northbrook, an ordained rabbi who is leaving his position as midwest political director of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee to make his first run for political office. 

The room was filled with people Nekritz has represented for 10 years like Glenview Village Trustees and as well as newcomers to the like Sue Walton of Palatine. Approximately 50 percent of the area contains new constituents. 

Walton, the Palatine Township Committeewoman, has known Nekritz over the years through 10th Congressional District politics and is thrilled she will now be representing her. 

“She is a very thoughtful leader,” Walton said. “I’ve always been impressed with her leadership on environmental issues. 

, who rallied the crowd to make a solid effort for Nekritz’s reelection, knows of her environmental efforts firsthand. As board president, Preckwinkle also heads the Forest Preserve District of Cook County. 

“Elaine Nekritz is one of our most willing volunteers. She gets out there and removes the buckthorn,” Preckwinkle said. “She is a progressive leader with the highest ethical standards,” she added touting Nekritz’s values. 

Britton and Karton both praised the ways Nekritz has worked to help Glenview. They also singled out her ethical standards as a member of the General Assembly. 

“She is somebody I would like to emulate as an elected official,” Karton said. “I’m very loyal to Elaine (Nekritz). Whenever she joins us she is thoughtful and ethical as a representative.” 

Britton likes the support Nekritz shows when the community has concerns. “I was so glad she came to our ComEd meeting,” he said referring to . She let know what she would do in Springfield to help.

Jimmycartersuxs September 17, 2011 at 01:06 AM
What a Puff Piece! Is the Patch handling Mrs. Nekritz media? So much for objective journalism.
Frank Medina September 17, 2011 at 05:01 AM
By the way, that 66% tax increase that Nekritz helped push through at literally the 11th hour during a lame duck session that was supposed to help us balance our budget was never used for that purpose. Instead, the money had to be used to cover other liabilities and the such. Therefore, the bills the extra taxes were supposed to cover never got covered. How do extra, and I might add, excessive, taxes that don't cover what they (the general assembly and Quinn) supposedly were supposed to cover benefiting local residents as the title of this propaganda article states?
Earon Human Davis September 18, 2011 at 04:36 AM
What you don't agree with isn't "objective." Considering your screen name, I don't think anyone is going to rely upon you for objectivity.
Clark Kent September 19, 2011 at 03:52 PM
@ Earon Human Davis I hope you don't mind a non-Human like Clark Kent commenting on your superlative and unparalleled recognition of the Jimmy Carter moniker. Stupendous, but...your cognitive energies weren't sufficient recently to recognize the humor in Haym Solomon's name http://glenview.patch.com/articles/political-organizer-to-challenge-nekritz . You are forgiven by the Almighty Lord Baal and we pray that you will not again use your Erring Human Dais. Come to the Baal Temple services some morning, and I will meet you by the eastern gate http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WeMYXmG6xiM&feature=channel_video_title
Jimmycartersuxs September 20, 2011 at 03:16 AM
@ Earon Human Davis I'm not the journalist genius. I'm a voter who found this puff piece void of any journalistic standards. Objectivity is not my responsibility, but it is the reporter's.


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