New Poll Puts Sheyman 18 Points Ahead

Washington analyst thinks Schneider will fare better against Dold.

A new poll released today prepared by Public Policy Polling for a group supporting in Tuesday’s Democratic Congressional primary shows Sheyman with an 18-point lead over .

After reviewing the poll results, an editor from the independent Cook Political Report which analyzes House and Senate races, sees Schneider with a slightly better chance to win the Nov. 6 general election against .

The poll of 629 likely Democratic voters with a margin of error of 3.9 percent shows 45 percent prefer Sheyman while 27 percent like Schneider.  has 7 percent support while . 

The poll was taken after a week of advertising and telephone calls from groups supporting Sheyman flooded the area informing voters Schneider has made some donations to Republicans.

Of the people surveyed, 54 percent said they were less likely to vote for Schneider after learning about his donations. Schneider campaign manager Jarrod Backous dismissed the poll results.

“For weeks, the Sheyman campaign and MoveOn.org, along with other out-out-state allies, have been spreading lies about Brad Schneider and his progressive record,” Backous said. “There is no reason to believe anything that comes from these organizations with so little familiarity with the truth."

Sheyman’s campaign manager, Annie Weinberg, considers the results a validation of Sheyman’s efforts but remains cautions. "This poll reflects clearly the energy and momentum we feel on the ground,” she said. “We're encouraged by these numbers but we take nothing for granted.”

David Wasserman, the house races editor for Cook, told Patch today he thinks Schneider will fare better against Dold than Sheyman.

“Sheyman may well win the seat but they (the Democrats) will have a better chance with Schneider,” Wasserman said. “Sheyman could turn a learning Democrat race into a tossup. There is a block of pro business pro Israel voters who bristle at MoveOn.org and will likely side with Dold over Sheyman.”

MoveOn is one of the groups which have been advertising in support of Sheyman. Sheyman was its national mobilization director before leaving the job to run for Congress.

OldDanFan March 16, 2012 at 10:35 PM
again: Schneider people, don’t get all huffy and holier than thou. Early in the primary season we were “polled” by some outfit that wondered if we would still vote for Sheyman if we knew he was only 25 and had worked for the extremist group, MoveOn. Yes!, we said, but we understood that the pollster was trying to convince us NOT to vote for Ilya.
Carol Kraines March 16, 2012 at 10:48 PM
The bottom line is this - who do we trust, as Democrats, to stand up for our views? I made my decision on what objective criteria was available - given that neither candidate has been in office. On one hand, we have Ilya Sheyman, who has spent his life working for progressive causes like equal education, health care, jobs and safety nets. He has organized a huge organization, he debates like a pro, and his depth of knowledge on the issues is amazing. On the other hand, we have Brad Schneider, who has been in business, has supported some Republicans, and has expressed more conservative views on tax policy. He does appear to be a social liberal, but in his long term support of Kirk, I'm not sure he's been honest about where he stands on issues - especially when he calls himself "progressive". That is why I support Ilya Sheyman. The House of Reps is the most radical in years, and Santorem may become a real presidential contender. (he is close in IL) So I want a to send a Democrat that I can depend on to Congress. That solid Democrat is Ilya Sheyman. As Howard Dean put it - I am supporting Ilya BECAUSE he is 25. It is his generation that is facing the jobless issues, the education costs, the warming planet - and it's his generation that will be fighting to improve this country.
OldDanFan March 16, 2012 at 11:02 PM
Hopefully not. Aren't enough Indies in this district to make up for the Dem deficit that will occur if Brad runs in the fall. Dems, by and large, do not trust Brad. Might have something to do with the little Truth-in-Advertising problem he’s having with his message. You just can’t say, “I gave money to Kirk,” and then turn around and say, “I am a lifelong Progressive!” When people hear these two statements coming from the same mouth, well, they just know what to believe anymore. Go away, Brad. You were a detriment to your Party when you chose to support Kirk over Seals or whoever the Dems were running in election after election from 2002 thru 2008, you were a detriment to your Party when you chose not to rally your fellow Kirk-Democrats to help get Seals into office in 2010, and you continue to be a detriment to your Party when you misrepresent yourself--“I am a lifelong Progressive!”--and then have your minions throw insults at us (“Liar!”) when we call you out on it.
Carol Kraines March 16, 2012 at 11:33 PM
Have to add that Ilya is adding endorsements by the day from a broad range of groups - from the Sierra Club to NOW to Hispanic Caucus Chair Iris Martinez to National Nurses United to United Steel Workers - in addition to Russ Feingold, Howard Dean, et.al. He can beat Dold with this coalition and hard work.
flower child March 18, 2012 at 06:48 PM
Do you even know what you’re talking about, Daniel? The “written statements of support for UN invasion of Israel's sovereignty on threat of severe consequences from the United States” you’re referring to? Taken from someone’s old Model UN notebook-- who knows? maybe yours-- “Model UN,” being a role playing exercise in high school for debate nerds! You’re behaving like the Reese Witherspoon character in Election. A new low for the Schneider campaign. Incredible. In-freaking-credible.


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