Niles Mayor Wants Interim Village Manager to Stay

The Niles-Herald Advocate reports that Mayor Robert Callero would like to keep interim Village Manager Steven Vinezeano in his position for another year.


Niles Mayor Robert Callero has proposed keeping interim village manager Steven Vinezeano around another year, the Niles Herald-Advocate reports.

Callero would like to extend his interim role another year so allow the village to properly search for the right candidate. The Mayor also believes keeping Vinezeano in the role longer will ensure a smooth transition for new village leaders elected in April. Trustee Andrew Przybylo agreed with Callero’s proposal, while Louella Preston did not, the newspaper reports. Vinezeano was formerly the assistant village manager of Niles.  

Big Al May 09, 2013 at 12:31 AM
what is the difference between village manager and mayor ? do we really need both ?
Pam DeFiglio May 09, 2013 at 03:39 AM
Big Al, the mayor is an elected position. The six members of the Nile board of trustees and the mayor hold the power to make laws (at the village level they are called ordinances), set policy, pass a budget and the like. The mayor and trustees do not receive salaries--they receive only nominal fees which basically reimburse them for approximately the amount of money they spend on mileage and cell phone service for village business. The village manager is a staff person, and usually the village's department heads report to this person. Staff serves at the will of the elected officials. In some towns, the village manager has the power to hire and fire department heads; in other towns not. The village manager's job is to execute the policy and directives of the elected officials. It's a full-time job and is salaried.
We Love Niles May 09, 2013 at 05:42 AM
If both the current Mayor and the Mayor Elect agree that Mr. Vinezeano should remain as the interim Village Manager - what an excellent idea. A smooth transition is what is most important for all. Mrs. Preston - Thank you for all of your years of service, but you are not part of the newly elected Village board. The voters have spoken - let the new Board make the decisions to do what is right - finally!


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