Number 5: Skokie Patch’s Biggest Stories of 2012

Our fifth biggest story was found in an obscure journal and went viral several days later. The hook: An attorney was disbarred, sent to prison after his ex-wife ratted him out on his extracurricular activities.

Sometimes, some of the biggest stories are small pieces found in obscure places. In this case, the Illinois Lawyer Quarterly reported that Skokie resident Richard Stevens Connors was smuggling Cuban cigars into the country.

Connors was found guilty in federal court for conspiring to smuggle Cuban cigars, goods into the United States as well as violating the Trading with the Enemy Act, according to the latest issue of Illinois Lawyer Quarterly.

Connors was also disbarred as a result of his actions, the publication stated. According to the New York Law Journal, Connors smuggled "truckloads of Cuban cigars into the country during the 1990s."

The Skokie resident was also fined $60,000 and sentenced to 37-months in prison.

What made this story go viral?

The journal stated that Connors made 31 trips to Cuba, but that his activities were halted when his ex-wife alerted U.S. Customs. 

The story was posted on social media and various forums – from law school  to cigar smoking.


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Earl Weiss January 01, 2013 at 03:17 PM
If those are the top 5, I can't wait to see where the local fiscal follies (It's like Congress in miniature) come in including Skokie Blowing over $1.5 Million on the Oberweiss property, Creating the West Dempster desert thru the added Skokie tax, local governments blowing over $20 million on the Oakton CTA station, District 219 which was almost broke a few years ago needing to raise taxes and user fees while having the highest paid Super spending $14 Million on a pool plus a new press box and maintaining $100 million in debt while they had a similar funds surplus
Oliver P. McCracken January 01, 2013 at 09:28 PM
Wise Earl, I must agree with you on the Oberweiss addition. Not only are their dairy goods overpriced and tasting of spoiled milk, and their owners from a morally and politically repulsive brood, but their employees are rude, slow, inept, and physically disgusting. I will never set foot in that awful establishment again, especially since finding out the economical harm it has done to our fair village.
Phil Quincy January 02, 2013 at 11:07 PM
@ Oliver P. McCracken Good for you. But people will still buy and dine there. Now here's a lollipop for your rant.


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