Transfer Station to be Addressed Tonight at Village Meeting

Potential project has met with strong opposition from residents, village administrator will address the issue tonight at 7 p.m. at the village meeting.

Resident opposition has been squared strongly against a transfer station proposed by Lakeshore Waste Services at 6132 W. Oakston St. near Lehigh. 

Village Administrator Ryan Horne will be presenting information tonight at the Village of Morton Grove board of trustees meeting, to address citizen concerns and to clear up what he says is misinformation about the proposal. 

In a , there were more than 50 comments made by readers.  

Catherine Peters commented: "Penny wise and pound foolish, in my humble opinion. The proposal would gain each MG resident between $3 to $10 per year by the estimates...weigh that against the decrease in property values and, more importantly, the difficulty in attracting other new businesses to that industrial area that who provide a greater tax benefit to our residents and I think it's easy to see that this one is a net loser. We are land-locked and fully developed and though we must be aggressive about building our business base, we also need to be judicious."

Meanwhile, Grandpa commented: "Maybe to satisfy the NIMBY crowd the village could look into a unicorn barn and a rainbow factory... sheesh!"

In response to Grandpa, Jim Rosin wrote: "Yes ! Im a NIMBY. For some reason, I don't want to have 3,000'000 pounds of other villages garbage dumped 1 block from my house each and every day.Day and night. Trucks driving by my house, with all that stink and rats and pests. Maybe GRANDPA wants to switch houses with me. I've lived in my house for 48 of my 50 years on this earth. There wasnt a garbage dump here when I bought it. For some reason ,that eludes some of you, I don't want one now. Not for any amount of money." 

Rosen goes on to say, "The village has put years into re-developing the area near the train tracks so that it can be a selling point to all the commuters traveling thru. A garbage dump should make a nice addition . I'm sure any new buisnesses even thinking about coming here would love to move in next to the dump. I'm sorry Mr. Horne, I find this to be a lose, lose situation!"

An organization called  also has formed to lobby against the proposal. 

Horne said in a previous interview with Niles-Morton Grove Patch that the potential income for the village could reach as high as $400,000 and that type of increase could take financial stress off of property owners in this difficult econony. 

The board of trustees meeting will be held this evening at 7 p.m. in council chambers at the . 

Have you weighed in this issue  Share your thoughts in our comment section below. 

SuburbanMary August 13, 2012 at 07:54 PM
Please bring along your list of all the ways the village can "make money" to tonight's board meeting. I'm sure the board and everyone in the audience would love to hear your suggestions.
Bill K August 13, 2012 at 08:51 PM
What damage will our roads sustain from these overweight monsters driving here from every imaginable direction? who pays for that? What will it be like seeing these parades of garbage trucks all over town? Is this what a residential community wants, really? What is this super new technology in garbage transfer since the 10 years Evanston has had there issue? They have had public outcries that took 10 years to close there nightmare. Just one more reason for my family and I to leave this corrupt region. This is MADNESS!
Dan Goldberg August 15, 2012 at 09:35 PM
So, the village board held a meeting. Lots of people attended. They all heard about something proposed by an outside company that hasn't been voted on (or even applied for). The people got to share their concerns with them and on camera too, about their concerns and wishes. Seems like the system is working to me. I went to www.mortongroveil.org and saw a couple of reports on the topic. Did you know we can sign up for a village email newsletter? Take a look at this link -http://www.mortongroveil.org/resident/EmailNewsletter.asp - I wonder how many people have done that who are commenting here? I don't agree with the opinion stated by many that the village board was not presenting facts and find it hard to believe that since they all live here, that they'd do anything bad to themselves and us. I guess I still have faith in those we elected, so until someone can prove to me they broke that trust, then I'm inclinded to give them the benefit of the doubt and will listen to what everyone has to say and will watch to see what they do.
MJ September 05, 2012 at 01:30 PM
How about the negative effects on the health of our kids and people nearby. If the waste management transfer facility is allowed to be built, be ready for lawsuit against the city by the neighbors which eventually will bankrupt the city. This project is nothing by liability on the city - 400K tax income and 400 million potential liability.
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