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Morton Grove Library Board Ousts Trustee

The board attorney presented evidence the trustee established residency in Cincinnati in January, though she attended the January, February and March meetings.

The Board ousted member Christa Quinn from her seat Monday night after it determined she had moved her legal address to Cincinnati, Ohio in January.

The board voted 5-0 in a 25-minute special meeting to vacate Quinn’s seat after the board attorney, Frank Tennant, presented evidence she had both registered as a voter in Hamilton County, Ohio  on Jan. 10 and obtained an Ohio driver’s license. Tennant said he established that Quinn and her husband Peter had purchased a home at a specific address in Cincinnati.

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WhitePages.com lists the Quinns at that Cincinnati address with their prior residence listed as “Morton Grove 2012.” However, no phone number was available and the board declined to provide her cell phone number for reporters. Patch will attempt to reach Quinn for reaction.

First reports surfaced in January, president says

Board President Mark Albers said a Morton Grove resident, whom he did not name, contacted him Jan. 12 to tell him about Quinn’s move. When a second Morton Grove resident made the same statement, Albers asked Tennant to investigate.


Board members said Quinn attended three board meetings — in January, February and March — and two committee meetings since her move. Board Member Catherine Peters said when Quinn was specifically asked at a meeting whether she had moved out of the village, she said she had not. Peters said Quinn and her husband had sold their single-family residence in Morton Grove. 

As for the legal basis for finding Quinn unable to hold office in the Morton Grove library district, Tennant said she was not registered to vote at the address in the district which she had given the board.

“My legal opinion is Trustee Quinn is not qualified to hold office,” he said.

No board votes affected by ouster

No board votes in which Quinn participated are expected to be reversed or challenged, Tennant said. None involved one-vote outcomes where she would have been the swing vote in question, he explained.

Quinn was appointed to her seat last April. Her removal from office is the latest in a

Albers and Peters, who is the board treasurer, said the board will take a couple of months to interview candidates for Quinn’s seat. The opening will be advertised on the board website. Peters said the appointed board member would stand for election if he or she desired a full term in April 2013.

Pat Craig April 03, 2012 at 04:58 PM
Another unfortunate legacy from the previous board, Quinn was appointed between the previous election and the swearing in of the new board members by the lame duck board. It seems as though there are all kinds of little "Easter eggs" hidden by the past administration that keep coming to light. I wonder what's next.
Lizzy T April 04, 2012 at 04:17 PM
Ashamed, so ashamed. That is what ex-trustee Quinn and anybody who put her on the board should be today. Moving from Morton Grove to another state and not telling the truth is deceitful. Seems like many people involved on that old board had questionable motives, actions and morals. Who are these people that just want to agitate people and spend other peoples' money (then move away) anyway? If I were Mrs. Quinn (or anybody like her), I'd hide my head in shame after asking forgiveness. What's right is right and what's wrong is still wrong.
aaaa April 04, 2012 at 10:13 PM
The board was well aware that Quinn maintains a residency in MG by delivering pre-meeting materials to her leased residence within the city limits. Interesting it didn’t occur to the board president or the high-priced attorney to ask Ms. Quinn for proof of residency after the confidential concerns were raised. The only thing they revealed is the Quinns have a second residence in Ohio. I applaud Quinn for her continued commitment and service to the MG library and helping to make the library accessible for all despite the obvious lack of support and objectivity from the board and the demands on her personal life. Yet another example of effective use of public funds by the board president!!!
Pat Craig April 04, 2012 at 10:57 PM
Attempting to defend the indefensible by attempting to shift blame from the offending party is ridiculous. Quinn registered to vote and became licensed to drive in Ohio in January in violation of the rules, (and possibly the law). Once again lack of truth runs rampant on the part of a small group of disgruntled "activists". Yet another example of lack of any moral compass on the part of the obstructionist apologists.
Dan Goldberg April 04, 2012 at 11:00 PM
Interesting perspective. Many people have second residences in WI, MI, AZ or FL, but Cincinnati? Isn't the real issue here about eligibility to sit on the board more being determined by where you're registered to vote? Besides, how many states let you have two driver's licences? While some may applaud Ms. Quinn, I think those who read those comments might see the uglier side of people who won't let it go that they lost the election and were called out for inappropriate behavior.


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