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Sheyman, Schneider Rally Supporters

Howard Dean adds zip to Sheyman event.


With a week to go before the March 20 primary, and rallied their supporters Monday to make a final push to help them become the Democratic nominee to challenge in the Nov. 6 general election.

Sheyman got his crowd of more than 250 people at the United Auto Workers Hall in Lincolnshire to a fever pitch with chants of “Sheyman, Sheyman, Sheyman” .

Schneider thanked a more muted crowd of more than 100 volunteers and supporters at in Highland Park for their support, and asked them to keep making calls and knocking on doors to help him gain the nomination.

The two other candidates seeking the Democratic nod are Long Grove business owner and Mundelein attorney .

Dean, a 2004 Presidential candidate and former chairman of the Democratic National Committee, was an early Sheyman supporter. He told the group how people like Sheyman will finish the work started by Dean and others in the 1960’s.

“We’re going to finish the revolution but it’s not our generation that’s going to finish it,” Dean said. “It is Ilya’s generation that will.” Dean praised Sheyman’s youth—he is 25—as an asset for change.

“That’s why I’m for him, because he’s only 25,” Dean said. “Ilya’s going to change American in Washington. We will win because we have core values that make us Democrats. What the younger generation is looking at is the 90 percent that makes us the same.”

The crowd exploded with applause and cheers as Dean finished and Sheyman walked to the podium. He praised his volunteer corps of more than 600 people and told them they were the ones who would foster change in the United States.

“You have the power to change this country,” Sheyman said. “This is the model we used to build the campaign to take back the 10th District. This is one of the most diverse districts in the country.”

Schneider recognized the diversity of the 10th District as well when he asked his supporters to continue making the effort necessary to give him the nomination.

“I want to represent the entire, diverse 10th District, from Glenview to Grayslake,” Schneider said. “We are going to do this with character, integrity and class,” he added, exhorting the group to volunteer as much as they could through 7 p.m. next Tuesday when the polls close.

Schneider also talked about his early efforts to organize on behalf of environmental efforts in Colorado. He was feted for his efforts by Gov. Richard Lamm. “When I was 25 I was being given an award by the governor of Colorado for what I did organizing on behalf of Outdoor Colorado,” he said.

Cheryl March 14, 2012 at 02:18 AM
Could't have said it better Blueforthe 10th!! Sheyman also needs to learn to tell the truth!!
flower child March 14, 2012 at 05:00 PM
SH, Any age/life-experience “advantage” Brad has in the general election ends the minute Schneider gets on the Debate stage with Dold. Picture this: Moderator: Congressman Dold, what is your stance on Global Warming? Dold: I’d love to answer that question, but first I'd like to congratulate Brad for having contributed 3 times more money to Mark Kirk over the years than I have. Moderator: Congressman Dold, what do you think of Obama’s Millionaire tax proposal? Dold: I’d love to answer that question, but first I want to congratulate Brad for having contributed just shy of $6000 to GOP candidates, which makes my little $1000 contribution (to Mark Kirk in 2010—same year I was running for his old office—lol) pale by comparison.
Jon Hall March 14, 2012 at 08:19 PM
What kind of strategic management are we talking about, and for whom? The answer always comes back void of any specifics. What national firms? Articulate some success stories. Who, what, where, when, why.
Ellen Beth Gill March 14, 2012 at 09:02 PM
John Tree moved from Rice Krispie Treats and Keebler cookies to granola and other health foods. No mystery here. I agree with Mr. Hall, we're not exactly sure what industry Brad works in because he never seems to give any details. I could be wrong, but it appears, from his background, that it's in the financial sector and I'm guessing he'd rather not be up front and say that.
Miles J. Zaremski March 16, 2012 at 02:21 AM
I attended the VFW hall rally for Sheyman recently. It served as my springboard for an article I wrote that has now been published by the Huffington Post. The title of it is, "Youth Like An Ilya Sheyman For Congress--Our 'Lemonade' ".


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