Voters to Congress: Get to Work

Dold gets earful on bus tour. Congressman and Schneider think the time to act is now. Schneider gets endorsement from human rights group.

Citizens gave a clear message to during the second day of his and it appears both the Congressman and his , are hearing it.

“They are frustrated Washington is not working,” Dold said at his Highland Park campaign office in between campaign stops in Lake Forest, Zion, Waukegan, Libertyville and Highwood. “They want us to roll up our sleeves and get things done.”

If Congress does not act by the end of the year, tax rates lowered during the administration of former President George W. Bush will go up and prescribed spending cuts will take place. Both Schneider and Dold do not want to wait.

“If I were in Congress now I would have been working on it already. I would not be waiting,” Schneider said. “This Congress isn't doing its job. We have an obligation to our kids to responsibly reduce the deficit and to do that, Congress needs to stop kicking the can down the road.”

Though neither Dold nor Schneider would flatly say Congress should act before the Nov. 6 general election, Dold is ready to work with any willing member of Congress to avoid the crisis that could occur.

“I will work with anyone to create some certainty for the entrepreneur, the job creator. The time to do it is now not in the so called lame duck session,” Dold said. “I don’t want to see defense decimated,” he added referring to some of the automatic spending cuts that come Dec. 31 if Congress fails to act.

While Dold was touring the District, Schneider received the endorsement of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Wednesday. The HRC is the largest civil rights organization working to achieve equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans, according to HRC Communications Director Michael Cole-Schwartz.

 The organization backed Sen. Mark Kirk (R-Highland Park) in all of his campaigns for Congress, according to Cole-Schwartz.

Schneider has supported same sex marriage since he began his campaign for Congress more than a year ago. “We must end the two-tiered system created by the Defense of Marriage Act (and) eliminate discrimination in the workplace,” Schneider said.

. He told Patch in February his opinion is based on his religious beliefs. He indicated today that position has not changed.

“Marriage is between a man and a woman,” Dold said in February. “If you want a civil union you should have it. There is no reason people who love each other and want a life together should not have protection (under the law).”

Louis G. Atsaves June 16, 2012 at 02:03 AM
The House started this whole mess? You mean the mess began when Nancy Pelosi lost the majority and Reid decided not to cooperate over in the Senate. But then in the world according to RB, Republicans are always wrong!
Doug Daluga June 16, 2012 at 04:02 AM
And it could be pointed out that the Republicans are stopping progress by filibustering EVERY bill that they think can be percieved as aiding the Democrats, thus requiring a 60 vote majority to even consider debating a bill. The whole oppositional behavior (on both sides) is what I see as the main problem. There is just not even consideration of compromise because of fear.
Lennie Jarratt June 16, 2012 at 04:04 AM
House and Senate Unanimously reject Obama Budget: http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/politics/2012/05/house-and-senate-unanimously-reject-obama-budgets-or-do-they/ House has passed a budget, the Senate (Harry Reid - D) has not.
GuitarMan June 24, 2012 at 06:20 AM
Mr. Jarratt, I took the time to browse you state senator web site. One of your key "issues" is property taxes. Being that your are running for a state office and serve people in Illinois, I would like to suggest a genuine way you can help property owners; prepare and offer up a "how to" guide for home owners to appeal their current tax assessment. As you probably know there exist considerable differences in home assessments, for homes that essentially are the same for tax purposes. For example, my neighbor saw his assessment cut in half, just by using comparable homes listed on the Lake County Assessors site. Though the county assessor provides the "rules" for an assessment appeal, and search tools to gather evidence, the rule don't guide a property owner on the basic standard of proof that will make or break a successful appeal, and more importantly in plain language how to present the information to his appeal board. On the other hand, you have, and know the tricks to maneuver an informal hearing, and a government agency to the benefit of tax payers everywhere.
Lennie Jarratt June 24, 2012 at 07:34 PM
Thanks for the idea @Robert. Unfortunately I lost the primary. I will be staying involved since I have already been involved as a local watchdog for 8 years already. I have held forums in the past where myself and others talk about why property taxes are so high and some about the process. I will see what I can do about getting this info in a web friendly format. Thanks again for the suggestion.


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