Water War Continues Between Niles and Glenview

In a lawsuit, Niles says Glenview owes $6.1 million for water, meanwhile Glenview stopped paying the bill in 2011, claiming they were being overcharged, "Journal and Topics" reports.

The Village of Niles was back in court Monday, Aug. 6, amending its complaint against Glenview for breach of contract in the ongoing dispute over unpaid water bills, according to the Journal and Topics

At issue is a balance of $6.1 million that Niles believes Glenview owes, for water supplied by the North Main Water Utilty, according to the Journal and Topics. 

The article reports Glenview believes they were overcharged by Niles, who they say charged them for sewer services they did not receive. 

Since April of 2011, Glenview stopped paying Niles, and instead placed the revenue from the water service in an esrow account, the Journal and Topics reports. 


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