Local Politician Sponsors Smoking Pot

We've been told that smoking tobacco is unhealthy, but now we are told smoking marijuana is OK-- after all, it's medicine.


State Representitive Lou Lang chose to call, " HB 30 Medical Marijuana " on May 5th, 2012, which was also Police Memorial Day. Hopefully his intent was not to embarrass Law Enforcement while many officers were on Capital Hil.

HB 30 states the act would allow the limited use of marijuana, under medical supervision, by patients with debilitating medical conditions to alleviate the symptons of their conditions. The words tug on our heartstrings but in states where similar bills were passed it fails on all counts. The use is not limited, patients are not medically supervised, many of them do not have debilitating medical conditions and symptoms are masked not alleviated.

This initiative is obviously not about those relatively few chronic or terminally ill patients, it's about recreational use and a well organized highly profitable drug trade. Legalizing pot does not enjoy broad-based support. Instead it is sponsored by a few billionaires and some vigorously committed politicians.

At a time in this country when we are discouraging smoking tobacco, some people are encouraging smoking pot and calling it medicine.

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CK February 17, 2013 at 06:26 PM
Surprise! Lang is for gambling and drugs. He's never doine anything to LOWER taxes, just provide venues for criminals. What's next? Prostitution and cannibalism?
steven wright March 07, 2013 at 03:53 AM
this is stupid. the federal goverment needs to relize that marijuana is just a plant same as tobacco just with different affects on the body. i dont think this country knows the potential profit to be made on a product already used by millions of people for various reasons. the federal goverment needs to recognize that they will never be able to control it untill they produce it. if the goverment legallizes recreational use and continue to allow medical patients to produce their own, they can in turn produce it on a govrment sanctioned level its a multi-billion dollar indrustry we are always crying about a national debt instead of doing anything about it. truth is its going to happen rather the goverment wants it to or not instead of throwing millions away housing "criminals" in our prisons who were caught with a natrural plant as a nation we need to recognize the vices of our youth and welcome the potiental increase in revenue who knows in 10 yrs we may be the richest country again
Bob G June 24, 2013 at 09:30 AM
Lou Lang is simply a puppet for the Madigan/Daley organised crime family. He pushes bills for them.


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