District 70 to Welcome New Superintendent

Dr. Phil Collins has accepted a job as Superintendent of Morton Grove Elementary District 70, it was announced this week.

Next school year, Morton Grove Elementary School District 70 will have a new superintendent.

Last month, the Board of Education voted unanimously to appoint Dr. Phil Collins as superintendent of District 70, effective July 1, 2012. Collins currently serves as assistant superintendent for curriculum, instruction and assessment for Glenview School District 34. District 34 officials announced Collins' departure at their most recent board meeting.

This will be Collins' 10th year with D34, before he leaves for his new position.

"I know this is gonna be a very difficult district to leave," Collins said.

It was a move Brett Clark, executive director of communications and strategic planning for D34, saw coming.

"Whenever you have someone as talented as Phil, you have the understanding that someday he will probably be a superintendent (somewhere)," Clark said.

District 70 School Board President Tony Hofeld said he is looking forward to working with Collins.

“We are excited about Phil joining us at District 70," said Hofeld in a press release. "His educational background and experience have prepared him extremely well to assume the overall leadership role in our district..."

Current District 70 Superintendent Dr. Gary Zabilka will retire on June 30, 2012. He has been Superintendent in District 70 since July 1, 2003, according to a district press release.

mathmanbill December 10, 2011 at 03:05 PM
Did he really say "gonna"? I hope the district will teach better English than that.
Dan Goldberg December 10, 2011 at 10:20 PM
2+2 equaling 4 is one of our first building blocks of learning. Equate that to our tax dollars and you have a vital real world lesson about what you have and how much you can spend to get a solid education; learning that is absolutely essential to the future of our children and the country. Making school boards more accountable is important.. Posting meeting results and financials online to improve transparency, maybe hiring inspector generals to uncover wasteful spending are just a couple of ideas to reduce the ever increasing tax burden. Keeping families together in their homes without their parents having to take on more jobs lessening quality time with their children is important too. Closely scrutinizing the districts’ spending might be a good project for the new Superintendent and Board. I welcome Dr. Collins; you have a tough equation to solve for our community.
M. Kim Jr. December 11, 2011 at 05:14 PM
I looked up numbers for taxes. The Morton Grove Parks District is going up 3.9%. Schools District 67 being upped 2.8% and School District 70 raised even more at 4%! If the Morton Grove's Town Government can be 0% and the Library reduced taxes from last year, how come schools and parks keep going up so much? What are they spending money on? Affording more taxes is getting more difficult so I hope all leaders do everthing to stop increases soon before we can't afford to live.


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