Parents Start Petition to Reinstate Halloween at District 69

After publishing a story about why Skokie-Morton Grove School District 69 decided to ban Halloween, some parents have banded together to reinstate the holiday.

A chord has been struck with some parents after Skokie-Morton Grove District 69 quietly banned any Halloween activities from its schools: Madison, Edison and Lincoln Junior High. 

Superintendent Quintin Shepherd said the decision was made based on religious and economic reasons. He also added that there was a 5 percent attendance drop on Halloween Day at all three schools. 

Now, however, that drop may grow, as some parents are banding together to pull their students from school on Oct. 31 and meet up at Laurel Park in Skokie to celebrate the holiday.

There's even a petition circulating that currently has about 77 signatures to reinstate Halloween at District 69. 

Shepherd said he did not seek the communities input on the decision because it would have made no difference in the end. 

One Skokie Patch reader said: 

"I cannot believe that they took this away from the kids of District 69, I could understand high school but the younger ones that look forward to dressing up. I agree with the previous parent I wanted my child to go to a religious school I would have sent my child to a religious school.

People should know they will encounter diversity and different beliefs everywhere what are you teaching our kids with banning Halloween in District 69? I did not recall seeing an email on a meeting to vote on this and if I had I would had been there to vote. I will be taking a personnel day on Oct. 31."

Another said: 

"Activities at Laurel Park should begin around 3pm.

This is an informal get together of parents and children, but we would love to spread the news and see other parents and children participate. Laurel Park is a great place to congregate and has a perfect sidewalk perimeter to let the kids crate their own parade and march around the neighborhood. Having peaceful public assemblies is another empowering activity that is taken from the children when they remove Halloween tradition."


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Sarah October 03, 2012 at 07:17 PM
Great for the parents to ban together. I think this district needs a new superintendent to put the needs of 5% of the students first. I thought this was America and the majority rules.
F. K. October 05, 2012 at 12:33 AM
I completely agree with you Sarah----this is the case of the minority controlling the majority---where's the democracy here where we have the choice to be heard and vote on this issue?---after all, our taxes are helping to pay for the administration's salaries---this is an insult to us taxpayers and a BIG slap in the face----it's sad and a big shame that the band of communication between administration and parents is broken...
Dawn General October 15, 2012 at 08:08 PM
I agree, Halloween is a fun holiday. 5 % does not justify canceling a celebration. When people come to America they can choose to participate in local traditions or not. They can vote or not. What I don't understand is why are we, as Americans changing our traditions for others. This country is great because we have so much diverisity. Skokie holds a festival of cultures every year to help us understand other cultures, other religions. If I went to another country I can almost guarantee that traditions wil not be changed for me. The great thing about America is you have a choice. I just know if a kid shows up at my door with or without a costume they will get a piece of candy!!!!
nowayt October 17, 2012 at 02:35 AM
SO TOTALLY AGREE leave our holidays alone already. This is a fun, exciting time and mostly has no religious gender race or political ties to it. The inception may have been of pagan origin but the many spins on todays Halloween in the USA is all about f un so tell the 5% to get over it! join or don't join in but let the rest of us enjoy our day...


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