Do the Right Thing This Year: Stay Home when You're Sick

Don't put on a brave face and bring your germs to work. Stay home and rest!

It’s that time of year again. You’ve started seeing the articles on “How to Stay Healthy," “How to Avoid the Flu," and “Get Through the Season Without Getting Sick."  We all know the basics of the articles. They include tips on how to stay well and avoid the flu. These tips include such things as: get a flu shot, avoid rubbing your nose and eyes (so as not to transfer those nasty germs on your hands), and eat healthy foods to build up your immune system.

In reality, a lot of us ARE going to get sick, either with the flu or a cold or just a good old-fashioned virus. What are we supposed to do then? 

Here’s the thing.  In the old days, when you didn’t feel well, you stayed home.  You would make some orange juice or have some ginger ale, some soup, maybe grilled cheese if you could eat; crackers if you couldn’t. 

Then you would tuck yourself back into bed or lay on the couch, all cuddled up with a blanket and pillow, and watch TV, read a book, fall asleep, wake up, and do it again. The next day, you go back to work feeling a lot better.

Nowadays, when we get sick, we force ourselves out of bed, into the shower, into the snow and/or rain, into work. Here we pretend that we’re being effective while we contaminate everything that we’re touching, spread our germs over everything we come into contact with, and do our co-workers the favor of listening to us cough, hack, sneeze, and otherwise make odd sounds all day long. 

They, in turn, will now do the same thing next week, thus passing along the gift of the illness. At the end of the day, we drag ourselves home, too tired to cook or eat, and fall into bed. We are proud, though, that we made the effort to go to work and now everybody knows we were sick and we were there anyway.  We are a warrior!

During this upcoming flu season, by all means: Eat your veggies, drink lots of fluids, get your flu shot and wash your hands with soap and water.

But if you get sick anyway, STAY HOME! Sometimes it just makes sense to use that sick day that we’re all entitled to.  A lot of times, our body just needs to time to recover by itself.  Let’s all agree to stay home this year when we get sick.  If we ALL do it, we can stay home and recuperate guilt-free and who knows…maybe a lot of the rest of us won’t get sick after all!

For more information about fighting the flu, visit:  http://conta.cc/FLUFIGHTER

Debbie Bajgert

Uniquely You Wellness Coaching     http://www.uniquelyyouwellness.com/

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