Lynn Sternberger
Editor, Writer, Media Consumer.  Lapsed Girl Scout.  Woman Who Will.
I moved to the Boston area to attend school (Wellesley '07) and stuck around after graduation.  Now I work full time as a book editor downtown, which means I feel pretty strongly about the use of the oxford comma (just do it).  My personal essays and reporting appear with some frequency in Wellesley magazine, and beyond that my claim to fame is having written a heartfelt movie speech delivered by John Cusack. How random is that? I've lived in Wellesley, Newtonville, and Cambridge, and have sought out the best dining spots each location has to offer.  I'm so pleased to have a new culinary playground - the South End! I'm not quite sure how I ended up writing restaurant reviews.  I really savor the experience of eating out, so that helps.  As a Kendall resident, I started T-ing out to all parts of the city to find exciting food experiences, and now enjoy hosting a social brunch club at a new location each month.  I have yet to be convinced that there is anything better than a Sunday morning brunch with all of your favorite people, drinking good coffee and squeezing the life out of the last bit of your weekend. When not out foraging, I'm most likely stationed in front of my laptop/TV being far too serious about television.  You can find my entertainment-related musings at www.thegoodfan.com, or follow me on twitter @TheGoodFan. 
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